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Default Re: Pattern of collusion!!!

I know, go figure.

I bought my first house over the phone, I called the amount in and asked if I could borrow that amount and I was approved over the phone. I immediately drove to the bank and picked up my check and signed the papers.
Years later I moved everything over to the Misses name to establish the Misses credit the meantime mine fell off the planet = 0, who are you?
Since we have worked hard to reestablish my credit, as of a few months ago I was an 830. The kicker is, even though my credit score fell off the charts and we have worked hard to reestablish it without loosing ground on the Misses score, hers is only a 680 to my 830.....go figure. ;?

Like it or not, but get all the credit cards you can.....make a purchase and then pay it off immediately, then put the card away. In a few months time contact the credit card company and ask for the spending limit of the card to be raised....them make a purchase and pay the balance off before your first bill statement comes in. Then put the card away again. In a few months time ask the credit card company to raise the limit again....etc, etc. Do this with every single credit card you can get.
What I have found, but I don't know with certainty, is it is easier to maintain a high credit score then it is to get one. Once a high credit score is achieved cut up the majority of those credit cards.