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maybe i can help a bit on this. first of all casco_schooner if you dont want to come back thats cool but dont go spreading the word about how bad the place is....actually turtle bay interesting there is no place called that here so ..... you can get to the east coast in less than one hour from anywhere on the island unless its rush hour. places to stay hmmmm there so many dont go to turtle baY might spend your whole vacation trying to find the place...stay on the south coast between hastings and oistins that will put you in the middle of everything. all the coastlines have waves just gotta know where is going off when..soupl bowl is highly overatted people surf there just to say they have. sandy lane same thing...december is when we start getting north swells that starts up west coast... east to south east wakes up the other breaks. as for fishing once again excellent time of year big wahoo marlin dolphin you name it we got it. the boats the other guys saw trolling down the west coast about 2 miles off is where there is a drop off goes from 80 ft down to hundreds. gotta take the tourist down there cause thats where its calm. the locals fish the other side wanna come see the seas we fish in??? aint got nothing to the east of us until africa.. fishing charters go with high seas charters hes got 2 boats and catches for things to do we got a good party scene harbour lights
st lawrence gap all good places $20 us free drinks the whole night .... $7us beers come on we aint south beach there are places like that but thats the west coast and big hotels. sight seeing excellent...go down the coast on a catamaran snorkel with the turtles swim with the fish eat some good lunch drink some rum.....(just trying to get some a captain on one of them) im going to stop there for now any more info gimme a shout. flat calm today looking to go fishing later guys
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