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Default Re: Fishermen Beware!!!

If you are fishing or spending anytime in the saltwater. Be conscious about any cuts,scratches, or scraps. You can get this from the water or a fish. If you are handling fish wear a glove. If you are even handling bait try and have a box of latex gloves on board. It sounds and looks silly but people are losing their limbs from this bacteria. I fish mostly inshore. The warmer the water temps. get and the lack of fresh water I am told is going to start creating more and new unbelievable bacteria's in the water. This bacteria is attracted to blood and gets into your cells not your bloodstream, that is why it is so hard to treat.. It eats your cells away causing the area to basically die. Once that happens amputation time. The fellow here that lost his hand now has it in his arm. Just be aware of this. I let it go too long before getting help. If you have any of the symptoms let your doctor know. This is new to most physicians.
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