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Went to Barbados back in the 70s (I'm gettin' up there, but not quite there yet) and it was expensive back then; it just ain't a cheap place to visit. Like ocm4 we stayed at the Coral Reef Club on the western side and it was much too upper-crust British for a couple of 20-year old Yanks: white dinner jackets, clap your hands for service, etc. Unreal - we didn't expect that. However...we're also going this December for 10 days. Strictly R&R, as the place is very quiet. It's just not a place to party, but the water is beautiful, the culture is British, and the sun can be deceiving. It's almost on the equator, the trades blow daily, so you'll fry (and not realize it) unless you cover up. If we see 3 drunken Americans we'll know it's you - buy plenty of rum and sleep on the beach. Cheers!
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