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Default Fishermen Beware!!!

Just wanted to share an unforunate incident that has happened to me. Started having pains in my hand and fingers. Got so bad I went to the doctor. He took xrays and assured me nothing was broken. He told me that I had probably brusied my hand that it should go away. Well a few months later the pain got worse and I couldn't bend my middle finger. Another doctor told me I had a little tendonitus. He gave me some pills for it. A few more months went by and now the pain was unbearable. I was referred to a orthopedic surgeon. As soon as he saw by swollen fingers and hand he knew exactly what I had. "Mycoplasma Marinum" He sent me immediately for an MRI and the day after he performed surgery on my hand to drain the infection and took tissue samples to send to a lab. My results came in today and I have this disease full blown in my system. This was the fifth case this year in Coastal Georgia. The first two patients lost there hands. This bacteria attacks your cells. It also takes about 6-12 months to incubate in your body. It is a very slow growing infection and very hard to treat. Anyone that spends alot of time in saltwater can catch this. It enters your body though a cut or open sore. It is mostly found in saltwater fish in the warmer waters. I want everyone to be made aware of this infection. The symptons are severe pain in your joints and swelling. It is common in your hands or feet. Anywhere that you might cut yourself. All five patients work or spend alot of time in saltwater. I want people to be made aware of this. You can Google "Mycoplasma Marinum" to get more info. I will be on very strong antibiotics fo the next 8-18 months. He hoped he caught it in time to save my finger or hand. You can email me for any other info. on this. Make sure you let your doctor know about this infection.
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