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35donzi - 11/1/2007 1:29 PM

How far is the west coast from the east coast? We were going to stay on the west coast and then drive to the surf spot.
You can drive all the way around the island in one day. It would pretty much take all day. I would say a couple (three) hours to get from one side to the other. Maybe more, maybe less depending on where you are. Obviously, it ain't like hopping on a straight, smooth freeway and making good time. You have to stop for the roundabout, stop for the bus, stop at the rum shack, look at da boys playing dominos....the waves on the west are not good. There is one place that's fairly consistant though, sandy lane. It's a pretty cool little setup if you've got urchin in your feet and you're a little played out. Also Tropicana but it's got to be something out of the ordinary to get that worked up.

The chicks are brits and europeans. We didn't see too many American. We love football bo, and aren't going anywhere in the fall!!
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