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Default Re: Move South???

Not sure on the asthma, but the allergies can be just as bad or worse down here in the Carolinas. Really depends on what they are allergic too, but there is a whole lot of plant life and humidity down here to keep the molds and fungi going gangbusters.

It will depend on what is setting off their asthma as well. I had it as a kid in Arizona and never had problems anywhere else, something to do with either the dust or the alfalfa out there. Other people actually move to AZ to get over asthma, so each person is different in that regard.

Other than the winters, Annapolis has got to be one of the prettiest places to live (if you can tolerate sailboats) and the bay fishing is very good. I've only been on one trip to Myrtle Beach last year - over developed tourist trap is how I would describe it. A lot of the formerly nice coastal areas have gone that way (or like Duck, NC, which is less tourist trap and more overpriced/overbuilt vacation home area), and waterfront housing costs nearly as much as it does up there.

Heck, you may even find allergens etc. totally different down in Calvert or St. Mary's county (MD) than up in Annapolis if their problems are city related. A little more commute for you, but not as big a change as moving out of state.

Spend some time looking in person before you decide to move, it could save you a lot of heartaches.