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Other than the initial cost to buy a house on the water, the cost of living on the coastline from NC to GA is extremely reasonable. If you don't need a house on the water, the total cost of living becomes even more advantageous. If you fly for a living you need to limit your SE choices to those places with decent airports (Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah). I don't know if moving south will help the medical condition of your kids, I do know they will be a heck of lot warmer living in the south. Good luck on this decision. I would suggest if you are serious about this move, take a vacation and visit the area and see what reaction you get from your family. As to the family support's nice but it isn't required. We raised our kids in ATL and the closest relative is 250 miles away, with the other part of the family 400 miles builds character to do it on your own......and we didn't have to go to 1000 command performance meals that our siblings had to.
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