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Default Re: Move South???

Difficult decision. It will be tough moving that far away from your families (I have done it and it really complicates your life). Being two hours or less away makes life much easier. The Carolinas will be great to live in, but I am not so sure about bringing young children up in Florida (I have a brother and sister who live/lived there). You may decide you need private schools for your kids. Your outdoor lifestyle will be much better farther South and it will be less crowded in most areas (not all), but you will give up access to much culture, the better medical facilities here, the ability to spend a lot of time with your parents (they won't be around forever), the ability to assist your parents as they grow older, the rude, self-centered people , etc. Having to fly to BWI and drive further to visit will get old with young children.

You don't say how much experience you have with the asthma and whether you have a good pediatric allergist. It takes some time to get used to managing the asthma and catching the problems before they become significant. I assume you have a home nebulizer (that travels with you) and a stethoscope so you can tell when the kid starts wheezing. We have done the overnight stays in hospitals 3 or 4 times so I know what you are going through, but we have a pretty good handle on the situation. After the first couple of times, you learn to catch problems as soon as the kid's chest becomes tight and he/she starts wheezing. You (probably your wife) usually can catch it by upping the nebulizer treatments (the hospitals are using the same medicines for treatment, although they have the option of administering steroids if necessary and you can't do that). You need a good pediatric allergist if you don't have one.

You will introduce additional employment risk. Is there any chance you could stay with your current employer while working out of NC, SC or FL? This would help with some on the complications of moving.

I would take my time in making the decision, taking some exploratory visits to places you think you might want to live. You should also check out real estate prices as if you were shopping for a home. Although Annapolis is expensive, you might find that desirable places in the Carolinas and Florida near the water aren't that much cheaper. Why not spend a year working on it, taking some long weekends and perhaps even a week trip to some areas and look around, checking out real estate prices (actually visit homes and talk with people in the neighborhoods), schools, police (as noted by the poster above), general business opportunities, medical facilities, and the like. You can probably get some good tips and information here once you identify 3-4 places you would consider moving.

Good luck and keep asking for input.