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Its odd thatyou mention Florida. I was born and raised in North Fla, Tallahassee. I had tremendous asthma and allergies growing up. Tally is wet muggy cold hot rainy in the winter just miserable. The summers are stifiling hot and muggy. I have lived in Sofla for about 10years and never had an allergic reaction since leaving tally. In fact we go back often and I do not have anymore allergic reactions. I could not speak for living on the coast in the panhandle as I have only fished there.
Sofla has its downside , traffic ins taxes all suck. I have never lived in South Carolina or NC but the coastal areas would be more appealing to me. Plus if you are working for a local company or your involved in local business the pay scale is not what you get in Annapolis.
The upside lots of water activities, The housing market is soft. You should do well buying down here moving from MD.
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