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29 NORTH - 10/31/2007 11:51 AM

Try this site for the latest info on hair loss, problem is that what works for some does not work for others.
hairlosshelp is the worst site a balding man can go to....its full of whining 19-20 yr olds that are freaking about about loosing a few hairs...they sit there and push drugs as a cure to baldness..which if there was such a miracle drug there would be no bald men in the you think donald trump would still have that ridiculous combover if there was a viable cure?

i was completely bald on top at 26...damn the genetics....and basically hid under a hat for the next 12 effected and changed my whole life for the worst ..always worried about the wind,rain..or what people were thinking,scared of sitting in a barber chair lol.....etc.....well march 07 i finally got the balls to just shave it was a scary thing for even a guy with a greying horseshoe left on his head lol but i can't begin to even describe how much of an improvement to my confidence and just overall quality of life..i wasted 12 yrs..fearing i love the wind and rain i wake up just as good looking as i went to bed it definetly knocked 10 yrs off my looks since i have no more grey hair

there is no better time in history than NOW to be a bald man...shaved heads are everywhere, i'd even go as far to say that is becoming "in style" .....and guess what...chicks dig it...sure there may be some that dont, but guess what..those same women wont like your thining greying leftovers either... everyone of us will say "i won't look good shaved" or "my head is shaped funny" or some other excuse to talk yourself out of it...but trust me...once you do it..those fears dissapear when you realize that noone else really gives a chit about that scar or a flat spot on the back of your head........another thing..if you don't like it..guess what..IT GROWS BACK faster than you think...but you must give it atleast a 30 day trial before going back.....give it 30 days and i almost gaurantee you won't go back.

like gringo i also use the headblade and their head shaver around...and i can tell you that there isn't a better feeling than a freshly shaven noggen ... and also like gringo..i said to myself..."why did i wait so long to do this!!!!"

if anyone is interested about head shaving pm me and i'll be happy to help you get started in the right direction. don't fall for the drugs,rugs and plugs lies.....
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