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Default Move South???

Let me post some personal information for some feedback to get some outside perspectives....

My wife approached me last night about moving the family south. This has to do with health issues for our two daughters. Both have severe allergies and suffer from Asthma. We just had to spend our second night at the doctors this year due to colds leading to an attack. This one was on our 18 month old. (last winter our older daughter was shipped from our local hospital to Johns Hopkins in Balt because the hospital in Annapolis doesnt have a childrens ICU and the hospital was getting concerned). She was born in Myrtle Beach SC and has some family there and it is where we met as we both graduated from Coastal Carolina Univ. However, she was mentioning somewhere in FLA or along the Gulf Coast.

I love the south and do hate cold weather. However, here are my main objections (not in any priority order)...

1. I have a great paying job where I am well vested into the company. I have been here over 10 years and am one of the top reps in the company. I have even signed on to incentive plan that is paid for by the company that will result in a nice benefit if I stay an additional 15 years (life insurance policy).
2. we just moved into another home that we really like. It isnt our dream waterfront home but it really suits our family's needs with a lot of community amenities and it still does have a water view.
3. we do love the area. we are 20 min form baltimore and 30 min from DC (without traffic ) Downtown Annapolis is part of our family. We love the bay and the bay lifestyle. The culture around here is our family's culture.
4. Family support. Her parents and brother's family live in the area and we get a lot of support raising our kids from them. My family is in NJ and only a 2 hour drive away. They are a good part of our children's lives.
5. Finally we are getting some stability back after a house fire a year and a half ago. Between the house fire, move, and having a 3rd child our oldest son has been through a lot of change. I worry about the stresses on him and our other children over such a drastic change. I also worry about the stresses that it would put on the relationship with my wife as I know all change can lead to additional stress.
6. We dont really know the area at all to see where and what we like.

The good part is that because this area is so expensive to live in, that I may be able to find an area a lot less expensive to live and could possibly move to an area where we wouldnt have to carry a mortgage or at least a small one.

I am short on time and will add more thoughts later but that is a quick summary.. Outside perspective would nice..