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Default Re: The new homestead

No problem Bob, I'll snap off a pic tomorrow.

Sea Six,

I won't have a problem with the needed circuits, both the house and shop have there own 200 amp feeds/ panels. Both the shop and house have there own natural gas supply as well.


Really that was a good question. As much as I love trees around, there was NO WAY I was putting up with a garbage can's worth of pine needles plus cones three times a week for the next 20 years! Crips cleaning the hot tub area, rear deck, walk way and back driveway was becoming a full time job! The problem was so bad I went out and bought a Stihl BG 85 blower, but that wasn't the answer, tree removal was.

Tell me about it Bo, well the good thing is I won't have to winterize this's still winterized from last year. But the good part is, this winter I won't have to wrap the boat, this year it'll go inside where I can work on it all winter.
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