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farmerjane - 10/26/2007 4:31 PM

All of this and you couldn't find the time to post on THT~!!~????
Jane you get on the other end of a tool and see how long it takes to get anything done.

........just for you....................if you believe that, well then we should talk about this property I have for sale.

Tree Removal: 33 trees.....with more to come

These first two pics basically show the yard with trees, less the three removed from the front yard. Yes the lawn needs watering, but I had not completed hooking up the outside hot and cold water taps.....just think of me as the ball in a pinball machine.

These next two pics show the yard with the trees removed. My 360 Homelite w/ 24" bar had no problem handling everything in front of it. Iím disappointed I never snapped off a pic or two of the chipper I rented. All chippingís went to a farmer up the road from me and all the branches and trunks I didnít want went to another farmer up the road from me.......I earned brownie points with the new neighbors and they get product which they were happy to have.

My new Craftsman 24hp yard/ lawn tractor hand no problems pulling my make-shift stone boat. All the trees trunks straight and void of branches I Iím moving logs around the yard for different needs.

A stockpile of logs......use is still undetermined......possibly sliced into lumber?

Here I took 20 good logs @ approx. 8' in legth and made myself a back-drop for my soon to be gun range. The logs are about 14 - 16" into the ground and the tops are just free standing, I yet have to secure the tops together and tie everything together. In total Iíll have about a 100 yd range.

Here I am making a mess with a stumper. I stumped everything about foot below grade.

Three times this beast rolled into the holes I was making......think in terms of picking up the back end of a Harley a foot with two people sitting on it.

The aftermath of destruction. It took me about 12 hours to stump 33 tree trunks a foot below grade.....the last stump I finished under the light of a flashlight. Interestingly enough, Oak stumps out much easier then Pine or Willow does.

Because I needed some sort of trailer to cart the stump chips away I built a small utility came from my dad, brother and my stock, the only thing I needed to buy was a pair of new wheels/ tires. Sheís ready for the road if I wanted to.

Here the trailer is in use......Iím cleaning up the land mines

The wood chips were suppose to be used to make compost, but with a pile 7' x 20' x 4' high I canít see making compost anytime soon.

After the chips were removed next came root removal.....I was only concerned with surfaced roots near or at the surface. The roots of the Spruce tree I dropped in the front yard were a real bear (approx 10 hours)! With that being said, I canít say the large Willow in the back corner was any easier.

My work area in the back corner of the yard. Here Iíve got some Maple, Oak and dead Pine to split. (I own about 8' outside the fence all around the property, those are all my trees.).

When Iím tired of working Iíll split far Iíve got just under 2 cords split. The stump in the middle of the compound is my splitting block. Before the wood was stacked I laid down a bed of used grass and weeds will ever grow up through it!
- I had to order a couple of sheets of steel, one for each back corner of this garage.....the previous own had cut the lower corners out of the garage so his two Rots could get in out of the rain (this large area was one of two dog compounds).
- As you can see the roof is stripped and covered with plastic. Since I had to do the roof on the house and I rented a dumpster I figured I might as well strip the garage and dispose of the shingles while I had the bin......steal is ordered and should be in any day now.

..........more to follow..............
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