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Default The new homestead

Boy it has been awhile hasn't it. Truthfully time feels like it is standing still, I am not noticing the days/ weeks go by.....itís seven days a week for this guy until I am satisfied.

The house has only thrown me two partial curve balls;
- one the electrical is a mess (some I knew of and some I didnít pickup on my quick inspection prior to making an offer). There is no way in hel this place was inspected back in 78, but no big deal itíll all pass code when I get done with it!

- Plumbing has thrown me somewhat of a curve ball as well. It would also appear that the plumbing was ever inspected either!

The Electrical:
So far I've added three 15 amp circuits associated with the attached garage. One was to straighten out the electrical mess in there, another was for the outside GFI I added and the last was for an electrical heater unit. Side yard lighting was added to the outside of the garage, GFI circuit was added outside, a timer was installed for the outside overhead garage door light after I isolated the electrical from inside the house lighting system (garage door light and inside the house side door landing where on the same switch), belt drive garage door opener installed, 3way lighting installed inside the garage, task lighting over the work bench installed, overhead heating for the work bench area added and 3 110v outlets added along both inside walls (garage now has 6 110v outlets).......some of that work was tide into two existing circuits. Of coarse a majority of the rewiring in the garage involved pulling the 5/8 there was wall cavities which didn't even have any insulation in them .......therefore I had to pull ALL the drywall in the garage. And of coarse because the drywall was pulled at the electrical panel I did a bunch of rewiring to tidy up the wires to the panel.
Because the Misses will be parking her car in the garage in the winter months and her car has an automatic car starter I had to gas proof the garage and add additional roof venting. Then there was the concrete floor which desperately needed cleaning (garage was used as a dog kennel - terrible smell). The man-door at the back of the garage needs replacing because the previous owners cut a corner out of it so the two Rots could come and go as they pleased - I haven't replaced the door as of yet, but it's on my ďnowĒ short list. Then there was the overhead shelving that was needed to be built in the garage (14' x 4'). Then I added separate winter taps for both the hot and cold water into the garage.
To finish off the attached garage work this winter I'll build new steps from the garage into the house along with some sort of coat rack and boot stand. Who knows how this weather will treat me, but if it's good I'll finish taping/ sanding/ primer/ painting the garage this fall. And this winter I build myself a new work bench and cupboard system for in there.

Then Iíve got the shop to wire for my needs (6 circuits at 220v @ 20 amps and 6 @ 110v), supply hydro to my garden shed (220v @ min. 20 amp & 1 @ 110v), straighten out switch location in my separate car storage garage and basically rewire the finished basement of the house.

The Plumbing:
I must admit I didnít catch this in my inspection, but the upstairs toilet wonít remove content. It appears to flush perfectly fine, but add only a tissue and it takes 6-7-8 flushes to remove it.......everything is pointing to a venting issue. ~ oh joy! And to make matters more fun and interesting it would appear that the both bathroom ceiling vents are not vented!

........more to come.