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Default Re: Johnny Cash anyone?

Hi Mark
Thanks for that! I'm struggling to get through "Mine Is Bigger" (david kaplan) right now, first book I've bought in a few years, its about the s/y Maltese Falcon-- Today was really something else here in Camden wasn't it? I started my day by riding across the bay in a Tiara 38 to pick up an MJM 34z from Orcutt Harbor (next to Bucks Harbor) and ended it with my final run in the Grady tonight--out through Gilkey Harbor, hauling her this week sometime. Let me know when you want to hit the town, my girlfriend is leaving next week for 3 weeks or so as chef on an 80' sailboat from NYC to Bermuda to St. Martin, to Antigua...and I thought I had it good.

My Turn-- That is a great Cash song!!

Cgrrand- good point.
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