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Default Re: Photos used for profit......

Some of the above is good, some not so good.

1st off every phopto you take is your property and thus "copyrighted" that being said it becomes a matter of proof.

2nd if you have not registered your photo with the copyright office it is still copyrighted property and it then becomes an issue of damages: you can recover both actual and punitive damges with a registered copyright but with an unregistered or proprietory copyright you can only recover actual damages which are usually difficult to establish.

3rd in the future, assuming you are shooting digitally, mark the photos with a copyright symbol, date, and name. also if you have any type of decent editing program that information including camera ser# can be embedded in the file, (called exif info) if not there are programs out that will do that.

Not a lawyer by any means, just a photographer both pro and amatuer for over 35 years who has been through the process a time or two involving a lot of money on occasion.

Google the subject and there is a wealth of info out there, especially on the high end photo sites, these guys are all boaters, most of us fish and only keep a camera for bragging.