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Default Re: Photos used for profit......

Weekend-Hooker - 10/15/2007 I (we) try our best to work hard at the sport to help support the Company's image and their product however other's take advantage of it. Anyhow Its only fair to those who do support to ask why someone would take a photo without full consent of it's use.
A likely scenario would be that after your friend forwarded your shot on to the manufacturer saying something like "hey, we really love your lures, and btw, look what we caught recently on one." The manufacturer emailed your friend back and said "great photo" or something to that effect, and - "hey, do you mind if we use that shot on our lure package?" It's likely that the manufacturer thought your friend owned the photo?

And your friend, wanting to "help support the company's image" said: "sure."

Just a thought, but if your philosophy is still to support the company's image, why don't you write to the owner of the company and tell him/her that that is your photo they are using on the . . . . . . . lure package And that you use their lures a lot and they can use this letter as their authority to continue to use your photo on the . . . . . lure package, and oh by the way do you think you could sent me a couple (a few?) of those lures as compensation, because I like them so much?
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