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Default Re: Not leaving or bashing But...............................

What's all the fuss? This is still a good, open forum as opposed to the 'kind of boat I own' club types. I belong to Club Searay (the kind of boat I own), Bloodydecks (all about fishing) and this one for more "general knowledge acquisition".

I live in So. California, and although this forum is mostly East Coast - Fla, there are members everywhere that contribute. I can usually tell within a few posts on any thread if it's going to be contributory or derogatory - and I just don't bother to read the derogatory ones.

I've been helped by some posts and I hope I have helped others with some of my experiences - that's what this place is supposed to be about. I suggest we leave the BASHING in the BILGE (both product and personal). If you can't contribute to a thread or add something constructive without bashing - BUTT OUT!

I've been on the pointed end of a bashing (more than once) - I consider the source and usually shrug it off. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one, but you don't HAVE to be an a$$hole to make your point, and you don't HAVE to get personally abusive with anyone with a different point of view. Keep in mind we are all friends here and friends are just a$$holes we've learned to put up with.

THT is like family and what family doesn't have an a$$hole or two (or three or four)? We are all supposed to be here to help each other out with the common, consuming hobby of BOATING. For some it's a lifestyle, for others it's a pastime - if you can't contribute, don't participate.

Good luck to IB - This is a good forum and there's bound to be a shake-out resulting from the change in administration and policies. Hopefully the trashing and bashing will get limited to the Bilge and we can get back to helpful and informative threads in the other forums. Just my 2 cents.