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Default RE: Not leaving or bashing But...............................

KJS - 10/5/2007 8:29 PM
Captain Billy - 10/5/2007 8:12 PMI used to log on at least 5-6 times a day to see what was going on here, but lately, I have found myself only here a few times a week. And then I stay about half the time I was before. I do not read as many threads or with as much interest as did before.I am not trying to bash IB. I am a capitalist, I want to make money at my job, and I know they do also. But……..I don’t know it’s just not the same.Anyone else feel this way?
No, not really. I did, however, follow a spammer to a website that was trying to capitalize on taking THT members. .....going as far as to having threads created asking questions to prominant THT members. This site had over 1900 threads with 0 responses and some big sponsors. .....including some on this site like Eds Marine.
Not trying to lure anyone away. I do not have, nor am I affiliated with any site. And I have to give Ryan credit; he is doing a good job. (except for a certain Sandbar thread) Maybe it’s all in my head. By the way, Ed’s has pissed me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I do not want to bash)
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