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Default Re: best u/w metal detector?

I have a Fisher CZ-20 but I believe they stopped making them. The Minelab Excalibur is a well respected under water detector.

There are a few metal detecting forums on the web and you'll probably get better advice from joining one of them.

Example, different types are suited for saltwater vs fresh water. Some of the less expensive detectors will give false indications on a salt water beach when near the water. Some will diferentiate between different types of metal while others will not. As for only the coil needing to be waterproof, eventually you will raise the coil higher than the control unit and water will run down the shaft into the control unit.

Kellyco is very big ..............
They will sell you what they make a bigger profit on, they are not the ones to seek advice from (in my humble opinion).
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