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Default Re: best u/w metal detector?

The difference is indeed the size of the search coil. The headphones block a tremendous amount of outside noise..just ask my wife...... You set the "threshold" to a just barely audible carrier sound (hum), and turn the volume up full tilt. When ZZtop comes on..oops, wrong volume..when you detect something, the carrier frequency changes, and the sound intensity increases dramatically. The volume controls the amount of sound increase. You WON'T have a problem.

Kellyco is very big, and pretty respected. Located just north of Orlando. I deal with a small local guy, but my situation is different.

Of course Minelab is not the only manufacturer, but I, too, researched before I bought, and in retrospect am glad I paid more for what I feel is a superior machine. Any specific ?, e-mail me here.

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