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Default Re: Grout removal help

Just1more - 10/3/2007 2:19 PM

NJFISH - 10/2/2007 8:57 PM A mild solution of sulfuric acid did the trick. Another good application & scrub tomorrow night and it will look like a pro did it! Thanks for all the advce.
Just keep one thing in mind, the sulfuric acid soluition stripped the sealer from the stone. NEVER use SA on stone. Vinegar is the best tile cleaner around. And it's cheap!

On another note, Did you use a level?
A level on what? When I installed the tile I used a laser line, is that what you mean? The problem getting the grout off was because of the uneveness (is that a word?) of the stone, the float would not pick-up the grout...and that I have never tiled before

I tried white vinegar and it did not remove the grout. The label on the SA did say it was OK for natural stone though. So I should re-seal it?
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