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Default RE: Last will and testament or living trust

Tom Bare - 10/1/2007 6:32 PM

So the spose can grieve properly and not be burdened with death certs, letters of testimentary,closing the affairs of the deceased et al. Really and truly that is the sole reason. I have experienced it personally and from that moment on I recommend strongly to all my clients to have someone else do it. I volunteer to be the Executor of each client, at no charge [written in the will] should they pass.
Hope it makes sense, there REALLY is no ulterior motive! [should have said spouse not wife!]
Well, that makes sense. I have never known of anyone not claiming their fee to which they were entitled unless they were also a beneficiary who had run the numbers both ways and found it more advantageous to them to waive their fee.
My arrangements have been a bit different, as there were no children and I have been transient until just recently. My primary plan has been to provide for one natural adult person. Have directed all the dispositions I could for that end by non-probate arrangements to keep the job as simple as it could be. Have kept a Will that would satisfy the requirements to pass any type of property interest in any of the fifty States. And have kept two professional PRs lined-up as alternates for the primary and contingent plans, so my plans should not fail for lack of a PR, even taking into account the possibilities of mergers, consolidations, and the like.