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FireFly - 9/29/2007 12:26 AM

I'd wait until the price drops to $150 but for now my up-converting player does a fine job and is almost as good as what I get when recording HD format on my PVR.
This past summer Costco was selling Toshiba HD DVD players for $199.00. Toshiba was the first one to market with a HD DVD player that was right around $1k. I believe those $200 players are the same units at an amazing 80% discount.

As I mentioned above, I am waiting on the price of the "combination" drives to drop...that means there will also be "combination" players in the not too distant future. Combination players will play any format of any disc medium, DVD, HD DVD, BR, SACD, CD, MP3, whatever... This is HP but I believe both LG and Samsung already have combo drives to market.

For anyone that is serious about the highest quality of picture from an up-converted video source:

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