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I hear ya, Sea Six. The overall quality of Sony products is marginal at best. Play Station is an exception. It is a division of Sony that is pretty much left alone, can do whatever it wants. Sony funds the PS div at the highest yen per employee, and that division produces results.

I am still disgusted by what Sony did with the battery recall. I had projected close to a 1/4-billion dollar hit to Sony. Last I read, it was over $200-million and growing, so I wasn’t far off.

Sony’s battery recall was based in fraud. Sony moved the manfg of those batteries to China but still adhered labels that read ‘Made in Japan’. None of Sony’s Japanese-made batteries were recalled, all of the Sony Chinese-made batteries were.

Sony is in so much trouble as a corporation that they canned their Japanese CEO, and for the first time in Japan history, hired an American to head up Sony Corp to try and get the company back on track. It is sad because Sony single handedly took Japan from cheaply made junk product (like the stuff from China today) to a world leader of electronics and optical products.

Over here HD discs are 2 sided, BR on one side and HD DVD on the other. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of a proprietary format, but guarantees royalties (that are ultimately paid by the consumer) to both Sony and Toshiba. And it drives up the manfg costs for the discs.

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