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Well, maybe. BR is Sonyís consumer version of an industrial DVD codex and blue laser hardware (smaller dot) originally used to archive filesÖa real whole lot of files on a single DVD. The BR technology has been around for maybe 12-years or so.

Toshiba has their own blue laser DVD system, called Hi Def DVD. Toshiba was lucky to get that name because it implies the Blu Ray isnít HD. They are both HD DVDís.

Yes, they are worth it for the image quality and especially for the audio quality. If you donít know already, your surround system became obsolete with the release of the first HD DVD system. HD audio is specíd at 12 discrete channels of listening and 2 discrete channels of LFE.

Which to get? If you follow my rambling on consumer electronics you know I am no longer a fan of anything Sony, except for the PlayStation system. It's more pseudo-Sony. Overall, the quality of Sony product is in the toilet. Even Japanese consumers now avoid Sony, and they view'd that company as their darling. Sonyís HD DVD system costs more and get less. Toshibaís system stores about 80gb per disc, Sony is about 50gb. That said, I wouldnít invest in either one just yet. There is something called a Ďcombination driveí that can read BOTH formats of HD DVD. Thatís what Iím waiting on.

To help make sure the consumer gets screwed as screwed as screwed can get, Hollywood studios are aligning with specific formats. They are committing to either Blu Ray or HD DVD. Warner Bros is in the process of releasing its entire catalog on Blu Ray, and supposedly nothing on HD DVD. Other studios are just the opposite, everything HD DVD and nothing Blu Ray. Letís see how long it takes the consumer to tell Hollywood to shove it.

A small mod to the manfg line is all that is needed to start cranking out HD DVDs for the Toshiba system. Sonyís Blu Ray requires an entire new production line. So there is some thought that DVD manfrs are probably going to line up with the Toshiba camp. They can get product to market faster and cheaper than if they try to meet spec for a Blu Ray disc.

Consumer electronics companies are also lined up behind one or the other HD DVD technology. If you want whatís popular, go with whatever Hitachi and/or Panasonic go with. Those are the two biggies. I canít remember which HD disc technology that opted for.

HD DVD players have been the norm here for the last couple of years. It is almost impossible to get find a normal DVD player. The HD dvd players are typically a revamped pc with a couple-hundred gigabyte of internal HD capacity, making them HD DVD player and PVR combo.

Other than that, I intentionally stay dumb on the HD DVD stuff, waiting for the price of the HD combo (internal) drive to drop so I can toss it into my homemade PVR.

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