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I just got a 770SW last week. I am happy with it so far. Not so good in low-light, just not enough lens. Great for carrying in your pocket, on the beach, in the boat, etc. Havent had it underwater yet, but that will happen.

On the Master2 Software, I have loaded it up and then uninstalled it twice now. I think I will leave it uninstalled this time. The only feature I really wanted to try was the Panorama feature, and I can do better with more control using the AutoStitch software. If you DO use the Master2 for panos, unless I am missing something, you need to take the photos from left to right in sequence or it will try to paste them together backwards. No good.

I use Paintshop Pro for handling photos, it does a good job. My big computer is in storage, but when I get it back I will go back to using Photoshop.
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