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StingerII - 8/20/2007 12:39 AM

Olympus is the best huh?

Well I owned an Olympus and my last photo rig was a Sigma SD10 which in "good light" will churn out some of the best photos I've ever seen from any Digital SLR. I currently own a Fuji S6000FD (SLR-Like) and if I had to pick between an Oly superzoom and a Fuji Superzoom, my nod would be for the Fuji.

But if you want a niche camera like the Stylus, something that is compact and water proof, the Stylus is pretty much the only game in town in that niche.

As for Nikon and Canon... Some of the owners give the brands a bad name.. But you really can't beat Canon's high ISO on thier D-SLR's and Nikon makes a great body as well. Both brand's premium glass (Nikkor or L) are horrendously over priced!
I chose the Evolt 500, it has all the same features as the same model D60 or Rebel 8meg. And its cheaper and lighter than the other two.
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