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Default Simrad NSS12 Evo2 won't update

Greetings all.
In my newly-acquired boat, the NSS Evo2 won't update from a micro-SD, even though it recognizes the file as type "udpate".
It doesn't update from startup/boot with the chip inserted. When trying to update manually from the file the "Upgrade" button is greyed out and non-responsive.
I talked with Simrad's support line, and they suggested a hard restart or factory reset (via pressing "X" + "Auto/Stdby" + Power). After doing that I get the same result.
The current version on the plotter is 3.6. The version I'm attempting to install is 18.3.
I'm using a 32 GB card with the download accomplished on an IPAD.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.