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Originally Posted by 757saltwater View Post
I know it is not identical but I just sold a 18ft leader cat.has the same middle toon. If anything mine was a heavier hull then yours. Had it a couple years. Fully restore . Df90a with a Powertech 3 blade 17 p . Your motor looks high . The transducer needs to move farther away from the prop and is to low .I'm sure you get a rooster tale and dirty ff feeds. Your water line looks to be higher then the suppers. can you confirm this? I would lose the jack plate ,tabs,and permatrim. Start fresh. My boat did not like a 4 blade prop . It had a holes shot so good I never needed to trim and was on plane so quick no matter the load or if I was pulling a tube. I tried so many props and I always went back to the powertech 3 blade. If i Remember right wot was around 32-34mph but my bottom end was so ridiculous on holeshot I'm sure I could have given some up for more top end. But I would not have changed a thing.
Thanks for the input. The water line is right at about the scuppers. If someone walks to the back of the boat some water will come in. That's what originally made me think that I have a weight problem.

I'm definitely removing the tabs and plan to tackle the jackplate next, although I hope to remove the spacer first for a test before I go all the way.

I don't get a rooster tail, but I'm not sure what you mean by "ff feeds". Can you clarify? What would you suggest for transducer placement?

Thanks again!