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I know it is not identical but I just sold a 18ft leader cat.has the same middle toon. If anything mine was a heavier hull then yours. Had it a couple years. Fully restore . Df90a with a Powertech 3 blade 17 p . Your motor looks high . The transducer needs to move farther away from the prop and is to low .I'm sure you get a rooster tale and dirty ff feeds. Your water line looks to be higher then the suppers. can you confirm this? I would lose the jack plate ,tabs,and permatrim. Start fresh. My boat did not like a 4 blade prop . It had a hole shot so good I never needed to trim and was on plane so quick no matter the load or if I was pulling a tube. I tried so many props and I always went back to the powertech 3 blade. If i Remember right wot was around 32-34mph but my bottom end was so ridiculous on holeshot I'm sure I could have given some up for more top end. But I would not have changed a thing.