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Originally Posted by Bullshipper View Post
The motor looks high to me in both pics. Is it a 20 or 25" long shaft?

With all that weight sitting so far back behind the transom its no wonder that the bow wants to lift and I imagine it also make the motor sit low to the water with the hull tilting up, making anyone nervous about lowering it more.

If its a 20" losing the bracket and mounting it lower may be your only option, and there is the option of also adding 5 degree wedges to make the motor tuck in more, and they are like $50.But I doubt that they will work with the spacers and jack plate.

Will the steering clear the transom with the spacers removed then the motor tilts up?
I checked tonight and I'm pretty sure that is a 20" shaft. Losing the jack plate entirely would drop the engine about 3-4"