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Originally Posted by Bullshipper View Post
I see a few things that I would question right off the bat.

Trim Tabs
They are very small and are also mounted wrong. They will ever work right as installed.
They need to be moved out all the way to port and starboard so that outer edges of the tabs meet the vertical outer walls, and they need angled so that they are parallel to the bottoms of the sponsons, slanting to match the deadrise of the sponson bottoms. The bottom of the tabs should 1/4-3/8" above the bottom of the hull, not 3" above and centered. As mounted, they will neverget the nose down without excessive angle and that flap angle will slow you down a LOT. I would also remove those trolling motors as they are creating a lot of drag. The holes in your transoms letting the wire and water come through and also need covers on the holes with 4200, asap to be fixed asap.

Motor setback
Its really excessive and its acting like a lever to lift you bow. It is also causing a lot of the splash problem you see. If the jack plate can be mounted to the hull, I would do that after fixing the trim tabs. Do you fish real skinny water where you need a jack plate??

Motor Height
We need a picture showing the motor lowered all the way down before commenting on this as the shaft could be too long or short.
Thanks Bullshipper! I already sealed the hole for the transducer wire and am working on removing the old trim tabs now. They do weigh about 30 lbs each, so if nothing else it will be good to get that weight off the boat. If it turns out that tabs would be helpful on this boat I should be able to reuse the actuator hardware with some standard tabs mounted in the corrrect place.

I plan to finish removing the trim tabs, then I'll test drive the boat before removing the spacer so I can what each change does. I'll also take a picture of the motor height next time I'm there.