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Originally Posted by Butch Davis View Post
LEONRENO - I would add 200 pounds per person based on average weight of Americans (which seems to increase daily) plus any personal gear they often carry such as a tackle bag and a couple of rods/reels and or a small lunch cooler with ice. My weight is about 180 and my tackle bag has to weigh over 20 pounds.
The trailer maker does know the GVWR for the trailer and can base their tire pressure recommendations on it. My trailer is rated for 2993#, the tires are rated for 1760# max load at 50 psi. Looking at the Goodyear chart, a similar size tire is capable of holding 1500# at 38-39 psi. If I inflate to 50 psi I’m giving the boat a rougher ride than necessary because the tires will be so hard it will bounce on any/all bumps instead of the tires taking some of the initial shock. On my first trip with the trailer I guessed and put the tires at 35 psi, it was fine on the 3 hour trip home.

For over 12 years I ran my 14K car hauler trailer tires at 65 psi lightly loaded rather than 80 psi as the sidewall max said. Even in the AZ heat I never had tire issues related to inflation. The only tire problems I had were from dry rot and one broken belt from a particularly nasty pothole.

Do what you feel safe with.