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Default Help with 18' Cat Craft catamaran

I'm wondering if I might be able to get some advice. I recently purchased an 03 18' Cat Craft (very similar hull to the later Caracal) with a 115 Suzuki with a Power Tech, 4 blade 19 pitch SS prop. The previous owner mounted it on hydraulic jack plate with a spacer totaling 12" set-back and installed trim tabs with trolling motors. I find that the boat struggles to get on plane quickly, suffers from some ventilation while accelerating, sometimes porpoises, and will easily rev over 6000 rpm at full throttle. I installed a permatrim which reduced the ventilation and does help the plane, but it's still not where I think it should be. I'm wondering if a different pitch prop would help, or maybe if the large setback on the jack plate is causing excess ventilation and causing the prop to slip? I've played around with jack plate height, trim, etc without much luck. The trim tabs do help bring the bow down and get up on plane, but they add a lot of drag and I don't think they should be necessary on a boat this size. Right now I'm thinking that I might need to remove the jack plate, or at least the spacer, to bring the engine closer to the boat and also remove the trim tabs to reduce the weight in the rear before I try different props. Does anyone have any experience, ideas, or insight they can share? Thanks in advance.