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hello im meagen but people call me maggie mae im 15 and ive been raised around fishing boats and know just about all there is to know ive fixed many boats and filleted many fish my favorite fish to catch is big mouth bass and flounder mmmm ive been fishin since before i can remember people are ushually amazed when they see me fish or fix a boat cuz im "so young" and a girl i was raised in a redneck family i have won contests for my art and my poetry i painted a pic of my dad holding 4 flounder he cought b4 and whenever im on a boat people /ushually/ pick me to be 1st mate and make sure everythings ok and when the driver has to do soething else i drive all in all im a very good fisher and came here to talk about fishing the man my grandmothers with is always bragging about his fishing trips but he never has the fish to prove it on one occassion he was riding in his boat and he got the motor ripped off and it was dangling by cords and he tried to pull it up without cutting it off by the cords and then it fell completley off hes the only idiot fisherman ive ever known my grandpa died when i was little i never grew up with a real grandpa but the one i had when i was little was a excellent fisherman however the man my grandmother is dating right now is really really stupid thankx i hope i like it here bye