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Originally Posted by Mpellet View Post
Go see Amy in Norwich, she will square you away.

Thanks -I ended up going to the one my Dentist recommended Dr Abedie? in Middletown. It worked wasn't obviously cracked but he did say if there was a further failure I would have to get it pulled. Which is what everyone told me going in to this. Was actually totally painless and feelmuch better
Originally Posted by bayrunner16 View Post
Just wanted to offer a pro tip if you decide to pull it instead of the root canal.

Have a piece of smallish wooden dowel to measure and cut. When you put the pliers on your tooth, just gently squeeze first!!
Now cut the dowel so that you can put it between the handles of the pliers and it won't let the handles squeeze the jaws any tighter than your measured tooth stick amount.
The dowel will let you really pull on the pliers without squeezing them too hard and crushing your tooth. I completely crushed a tooth before I figured out that trick. Trust me, you don't want to crush your tooth in the process. Not good.
Reckon Dentists must have something like opposite squeezer pliers or something. Love to me get a pair of them.

In a jam, the smallest, little toy like looking Vise Grips will get her done too.

Good Luck.
Thanks - I am envisioning that scene in that Tom Hanks movie where he is stuck on that island with Wilson and pulls out his tooth...:-)