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Originally Posted by westbootie View Post
Implant in the 2-3 area might not be that straight forward.
More times than not, there isn't adequate height of bone in that area due to the maxillary sinus and there has to be a preliminary sinus lift- bone grafting procedure before the implant can be placed. Additionally, bone quality can be poor in the posterior maxilla.
I had a hard time understanding exactly what's going on with the OP upper right area, but if the tooth has not had a root canal and you feel it's cracked, the endodontist should be able to take a CBCT scan and determine if there is a severe enough fracture to warrant extraction.
If it has had a root canal and you feel it's fractured, doing a CBCT scan can be much more difficult and not as predictable in reaching a diagnosis.
This explains a lot! Thanks-

In fact the tooth did have a prior root canal so I guess that is why they do not yet know if it is cracked.

And yes it has a crown now. And yes they did mention this area would need a bone graft for an implant - So Now I see why the attempt at a second root canal is the preferred route right now. Thank you Dr Westbootie. I guess my Dentist and endo doc know what they are talking about......