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I had 2 root canals done back around 1992. started with porcelain crowns they cracked around the 10 year mark and came out, replaced with gold which feel exactly like real teeth, one of those crowns came off and there wasn't enough tooth left to glue it back on...went with implant. All I can say is modern implant surgery is a BREEZE! You go in, get gassed, wake up. Now I had to do that 2 times, one for extraction then back for installation of the post, then to dentist for crown...but compared to 1990s vintage root was NOTHING!

My opinion is to skip to extraction and implant. In my life's experience a root canaled tooth is good for 10-20 years. Versus a titanium post which should be good forever...

EDIT: I think Westbootie and I were posting at the same teeth in question are both lowers, Upper teeth may be a game changer for sure