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It's pretty much like this all across in rural/suburb areas all around the country. People are moving out of cities. Many...many jobs, where people put on shirts and ties, and did the daily commute to the corporate office....they're all working remotely now. And many businesses are discovering that..."Hey, working remotely still could become a permanent thing!".

So people are realizing they can move to...areas outside of the city. Up where I am, along shoreline CT....the market has been hot hot hot. Soon as a home gets listed, multiple offers are pouring in and it's typically sold within a day or three. At higher than ask. My wife is a I hear about the market every day and her listings. Her buyers....I hear her on the phone a lot...if they don't move fast on a house they're interested in, it's gone quick..and they have to keep looking.

People are moving out to areas they want to live...without worrying about a commute to the office, because they don't have to anymore.