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Default Florida Housing market ?????

Having second thoughts about putting our house up for sale in central FL because of something I never imagined happened! This new administration IMO will keep folks fleeing many states for the foreseeable future and heading south to both warmer climate and a strong conservative base.
I personally don't see an end to the rising housing market for at least 2 years. Until very recently, my mind was convinced this housing market could not sustain the upward movement, which I'm still convinced it can't, WITH THE EXCEPTION of Florida & Texas, maybe a scant few more!

I'm thinking we should stay put, update a few things in our current home, nothing crazy. Sell in May of 2022, then rent somewhere for two years and then see where we are.

Now...... All of you can easily see through the lines here, PLEASE NO POLITICS, or just "pm" your thoughts if you can't control yourself topside! (talk about calling the kettle black)

Sum things up: For the state of FLORIDA........does the housing market continue to boom for the next year or two?

Thank you for your valued opinions. I truly do consider them all and very much appreciate them.