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Default Your opinion of this situation

A few months back my girlfriend and I purchased a condo for my girlfriends parents to live in. The condos are up down oriented. We purchased a downstairs unit. The lady who lives upstairs is very pleasant and probably in her 80's and has lived there for 30 years. There is a small strip of land in front of our unit between the building and the parking lot. The lady upstairs has claimed it as hers, set a statue of the Virgin Mary and sort of landscaped the whole front of the building. The whole thing is really hideous and not maintained. We know her parents are not going to be real happy with this. A few days ago I delicately spoke with the woman about this and suggested she lets us take care of the landscaping, which she agreed too. I figured I could at least make it look decent. I went by today and discovered she has added a giant red and white windmill to this mess which actually blocks partial view out of one of the windows. Am I out of line for feeling like even though neither of us own this land, it's inconsiderate of her to do this in front of someone else's home? I don't want to rock the boat, and the woman is in her 80's. But I know the GF's parents. They too are elderly and very intolerant. They will be moving in, in about a month. There is no way this woman is going to willingly give up this windmill and the GF's parents will both have a heart attack when they see it.. Will I burn in hell if it were to disappear one night and never be seen again? Or should I just let them fight it out when they move in?