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The phot above is of a Garmin 8612xsv. Below is a Raymarine Axiom 12". This is what is actually looks like on a dash. I only have an early prototype mounted on a boat, and it doesn't resemble the look of the new ones. I literally have about 60 parts scattered around my desk for things we've tested, and I will not have a complete assembled unit until our the first production shipment comes in. And it will look very similar to what you see above. Anodized aluminum. The logo has changed, and the bar is thicker.

Designing the bar was the easy part. The hard part was the dash button which is pictured below. I have run the gambit from elaborate to simple. Ultimately, I think people will want to create as small of a hole as possible on the dash, and it must all be above deck, not recessed/flush so that it won't collect rainwater and dirt unless it included a drain which would make installation too difficult. A flush fitting would also require a much bigger hole. The part has to look good too when the boat is in use. There must be something there to hold the lock, so I tried to make it as small as possible, and finished looking. It is just about the diameter of a snap, but taller.

I'll have better photos once we get these in stock. As usual, I am jumping the gun for anybody that wants one of the first. As with any lock, if a thief really wants something they can cut the lock. No difference here. But they will not be able to steal your electronics with basic hand tools, and certainly not in a timely manner. They'll move on to the next boat. Just like "The Club" for a car.

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