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Default Radar pole on a cabin cruiser motor boat?

Radar pole on a cabin cruiser motor boat?

Been searching high and low for some feedback and ideas on this. I am installing a Simrad Halo 20+ unit on my 24 foot Four Winns cabin cruiser.

I sort of feel like a radar arch is overkill at times. Changes the lines of the boat, adds weight and things to navigate around when moving about the boat. I understand it has many additional functions like good mounting points and rod holders etc. I am not apposed to installing a radar arch but am not convinced and totally in love with the idea. The radar arch would be the tower in a box by Atlantic towers.

My second option which I am leaning towards is installing the radar dome onto an Edson Marine pole mount. There are a few different ways I can install the pole but the most secure method I have thought of is to have the pole pass through the top of the gunwale and secured to the hull of the boat with a mounting plate preventing issues in big boat roles with a secure mounting to the hull and a brace in the gunwale its self. The pole would be just tall enough for the radar dome to clear my bimini.
I see tons of examples of these poles on sailboats but really none on power boats with the exception of the occasional boat with a flybridge needing to mount the radar above heads on the flybridge.

Is there a reason for this that I am missing in my research? Can you all help me figure out the pros and cons to a pole mounted radar over a radar arch? The pole mounted radar just feels like a more clean install, less infrastructure to accomplish the same goal of simply mounting the radar dome above my bimini.

The boat is moored in the Boston harbor.

Thanks in advance.