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Default Re: Honestly, he's a nice dog, never bit anyone!

My sister has been a vet tech for 23 years and will be the first to tell you that she has never met a bad Pit (dogs raised as pets). She has however met bad Goldens, Labs, Cockers and so on and so on. My wife and I share ours lives with 4 dogs and 10 cats (half are rescues). Seven years ago I was brought a 2 month old puppy, half Pit half Golden. Its mother was a fighting dog that got knocked up by a neighbors Golden. The owner had stood by while the entire litter except this one died. A friend of mine "took" the pup brought it to me and asked if I would take it in. No one knows what the future holds but Sam (short for Samson) has for 7 years been a wonderful dog. Intelligent, loving (will lick you till you drown in slobber if you let him), is just as goofy as the day is long and does great with the cats.
I have met alot of Pits in my life, some fighting dogs and some not, some were Katrina rescue dogs all were just as friendly and loving as any other dog you will ever meet. Any breed can be raised to be mean and any breed can snap and turn on a human.