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Default RE: Citizens Arrest!!!!!!

tprice - 6/29/2007 9:44 PM

country - 6/29/2007 9:28 PM

Remember...He is a Politician...elected to office..regardless of his past. Sounds to me that he is just another stupid, dumbazz, piss poor driving politician. Cant be too bright if his statement was accurately quoted in the article. You know when you read something about someone and you get a mental picture of what they look like...well I see him as a 100 year old dusty fart that doesnt know when to call it quits...
Not as bad as our recently elected State Treasure, Ravenel, he just got caught with cocaine that he was using for "favors" and is under federal indictment. That Dumb A$$ spent $5 mill of his OWN money to get elected last Nov
The thing about it is that just about everyone from the lowcountry knew about his leisure time antics, and he was still elected. You'd also be surprised at how many other elected officials knew for years about his drug abuse and said nothing. Probably because many of them were being passed the toot tube after Ravenel had his line...
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