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Default RE: Honestly, he's a nice dog, never bit anyone!

pugnacious33 - 6/29/2007 9:35 PM

Marlin009 - 6/29/2007 9:09 PM

You shouldn't have to work so hard to have a pet, if you do, go live in the mountains, keep it away from innocent people and animals.
Exactly, you're proving my point. It does take WORK.....work from the owners, not the dog. If the potential danger is there, then maybe the OWNER does need to have the animal away so that nothing tragic occurs. But the theme here is that it is up to the owner. You can't just ban a breed because people aren't being responsible owners. There needs to be a deterent. If your pit gets out and hurts someone, you pay dearly, end of story.
Look, first I feel really bad for Big Mojo. I lost my dog in March and it's tough...they're loved and one of the family.

That being said, if there is a breed of dog that is more agressive than others and will attack for unknown reasons then it has no place in crowded communities. Responsible owners or not, these dogs attack. We've nothing telling us that this owner wasn't responsible. It was his SIL that was killed for Gods sake. You talk about making someone pay dearly if their dog injures someone...well what do you do when it kills someone. This is not a rare occurrance with this breed. You read about something like this once every few months? When was the last time you saw an article about a Collie that attacked and killed someone? This particular breed belongs on a farm protecting herds. Not in a city or the suburbs.