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Default RE: Honestly, he's a nice dog, never bit anyone!

It kills me.... Most of this reading is FEAR.. and FEAR from HYPE........
You give a pitbull to a punk that has NO IDEA how to raise a dog, and you have problems.
Any of the BULL DOG doggies will RUN THE SHOW, if you do not. Alfa dog training is a must.
Tying a dog out to a tree is no way to raise these dogs, some one above mentions the shelters, they are full because people that couldnt raise a Tea Cup CHIHUAHUA try to get THE IMAGE a big bad dog.... when they find out how much work, or worse get bit because the dog has no respect for them. They get rid of the dog citing that "THAT DUMB DOG"
This breed is not for the weak hearted.....
It was not made for stupid street punks...
In the right hands this is the greatest breed to walk the earth. This was my senrty that walk to every childs room before laying himself down to sleep.
This is my GAURD that woke me for every BUMP in the night. This was my Friend that guarded MY HOME, MY FAMILY, with out care for himself.
For you people that dont know this breed, please dont judge all of them by the actions of this one dog......

R.I.P Christian's Northern Amadeus Thank you for twelve great years and for watching over my little ones....!