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Default Re: Citizens Arrest!!!!!!

Cracker - 6/29/2007 4:49 PM

In 18 years of Law Enforcement I have never written anyone for an expired license it really is so minor its not even funny, but it does show a lack of attention for the Sheriff. As far as the speeding and whatever else, sure I have done it, so have you. It happens. This is why I do very little traffic work.
I applaud anyone that is in LE, in fact my son is leaning that way, but this guy is an IDIOT. He over spent his budget by more than 1.8 million last year and his quote was "I am not an accountant"(NO CRAP).

He was a deputy from the days our county had the "Good Ole Boy System" and a corrupt sheriff and it amazed me that people voted him in but that is a whole other story.

Our local paper has a section called Straight Talk where people can phone in comments on various items and I am sure this will be flooded